Complete guide to the Polar Plus charging network

Here’s how to charge your electric or plug-in hybrid car on the Polar Plus charging network

Owned by BP Chargemaster, the Polar Plus network consists of more than 6,500 charging points across the UK, and includes everything from slow chargers to rapid chargers.

The first of its 150kW rapid charging units was unveiled in June 2019, with 100 individual points set to be installed across 50 BP forecourts by the end of the year.

By late 2021, BP Chargemaster expects to have 400 of the ultra-fast chargers in place throughout the country.

Membership of the Polar Plus network costs £7.85 per month, and most of the network is free to use for members. Some charging points do incur a fee, however, with prices starting from 10.8p/kWh (including VAT) at certain locations.

After you’ve signed up, you’ll get a card or key fob in the post giving you access to the network. Simply drive up, plug in and tap the charger to top up your car.

In addition to unlimited free charges (minus the membership fee), access to the ChargeYourCar network is included.

The Polar Plus network also operates an ‘EV Experience Fleet’, featuring exclusive cars like the BMW i8 and Tesla Model S. With each charge, members can accumulate ‘Polar Points’, which they can then use to bid on seven-day experiences in other electric vehicles.

There are caveats, though: you can only earn points from an individual town or city once each month, and if successful you must collect and return the vehicle yourself. The EV Experience Centre is based in Milton Keynes.

The company says 30 new sites are being added to the Polar Plus network each month, with a rapid-charger network being rolled out across the country, too.

A live map of the Polar Plus network showing the status of all its chargers can be viewed on the company’s website. There’s also a Polar Plus app for smartphone users.