BMW i3 to receive further updates

The BMW i3 electric city car will outlast the typical seven-year model cycle, with more updates planned

The BMW i3 – which was updated in late 2018 with a new 42.2kWh battery – has further upgrades in the pipeline, with BMW showing no signs of introducing a successor.

The i3 is in its seventh year of production, at which point most manufacturers would be lining up a replacement model.

However, BMW i Division chief Robert Irlinger says the car isn’t tied to a conventional life cycle, with even more improvements to come at a later date.

“There is always further potential,” Irlinger told our sister title Auto Express at the Geneva Motor Show. “We always look to the market and whether we’ll need something – a big update or a small update.

“But there is more to come. When you’re talking about the battery, actually we had quite good feedback from the markets that the latest [42.2kWh] one is totally fine, if you’re using the car normally in an urban area. There's a little bit more coming; you will see something.”

He added that the division’s other i vehicle – the i8, available in Coupe and Roadster forms – enjoys a similar life-cycle freedom, explaining: “With i, we will always try something new. Every year we’ve been selling more.”

Meanwhile, Irlinger also confirmed that BMW’s M division – maker of performance vehicles like the M3 – is in talks with the i department about using its electric technology.

An electric version of the latest BMW 3 Series is rumoured to be in the pipeline, but so far M cars have refrained from embracing electrification.

That'll soon change, however. “You will see electrified vehicles in M division as well,” Irlinger confirmed. “We are working with them, right now.”

Talks with other BMW Group brands – such as Rolls-Royce and MINI – are also being held.

“There are some real advantages from incorporating electric power into performance vehicles,” Irlinger continued. “You have immediate torque delivery, which can give you acceleration while a combustion engine is still thinking about it. These advantages we will spread to the whole brands, in a specific way.”