Complete guide to the ChargeYourCar charging network

Find out how to charge you electric car or plug-in hybrid from this network of UK charge points

ChargeYourCar (shortened to CYC) says it's building the UK's first national open-access electric-car recharging network, and that it's the country's fastest-growing pay-as-you-go network.

CYC gives users access to several regional networks of charging points, including Energise (SE England), GMEV (Manchester), Source West (SE England), ChargerNet (Dorset), Recharge (Liverpool and surrounding areas) and ChargePlace Scotland. In total, the CYC network comprises around 1,900 charge points, with a total of over 3,300 individual connectors.

Drivers who join the CYC network get a CYC Access Card, providing access to all points on the network, while a CYC phone app helps them find and use the chargers.

You can join the CYC network by visiting the website, where you create an account, set up a direct debit to your bank account, purchase an access card (for an initial fee of £20 a year).

Any charge point 'host' or owner can add their charge points to the CYC network, making them available to CYC members.

Since being founded in 2010, ChargeYourCar has been acquired by BP Chargemaster, so customers of that company's Polar Plus network can also access the CYC network.