Can an electric car go through a car wash?

While electricity and water don’t mix, electric cars are safe to take through car washes or to be washed by hand on a Sunday afternoon

Can an electric car go through a car wash?

Before electric vehicles become mainstream, several myths must be busted. One of them is whether or not drivers can take their electric vehicle through a car wash. The simple answer is yes.

While this may seem obvious to some, research conducted by the UK Government’s Go Ultra Low campaign found that 42 per cent of British people didn’t think they could take an electric vehicle through a car wash.

Why it’s okay to take an electric vehicle through a car wash

Electricity and water don’t make for great companions. As such, it may seem logical to think that a car powered by electricity shouldn’t be taken anywhere near jet washers and large sprays of water.

However, the reality is much different. Before electric vehicles are sold, they are heavily tested by both manufacturers and type-approval agencies. One of the tests manufacturers conduct is the soak test – where cars are subjected to near-flood levels of rain to see whether they leak at all.

Electric vehicles go through the same tests before they are passed on to buyers, and as such they as are as watertight and safe as petrol and diesel cars through a car wash. This also means electric cars can be driven safely in heavy rain.

Is there anything I should be aware of when washing my electric car?

Nothing that you wouldn’t do to a petrol or diesel vehicle. If you’re just washing the exterior, there’s little damage you can do to the car or van. All of the high-voltage components are hidden deep in the bodywork, and sealed so there is no danger of fire.