Toyota Corolla Saloon MPG & CO2 emissions

Economy and emissions on the Toyota Corolla Saloon are decent for a car of this size

Toyota Corolla Saloon
Fuel economy (combined) Fuel ecomomy (high) Fuel economy (low) CO2 emissions
63mpg 66mpg 71mpg 102-110g/km

The Toyota Corolla Saloon should return between 54 and 65mpg, and the hybrid system will fare best in urban conditions such as driving through a city or around town.

Toyota claims that in such conditions, the Corolla’s hybrid powertrain is good enough to enable full-electric mode for half of urban mileage, during which you’ll use no fuel whatsoever as the battery takes over from the petrol engine.

For comparison, the Ford Mondeo Hybrid returns an official economy figure of 59mpg, putting it right in the mix with the Corolla. However, we’ve found that the Mondeo’s economy is much poorer in the real world, so the Corolla may well have the upper hand here.

Toyota Corolla Saloon MPG & CO2

The Toyota Corolla Saloon emits 102g/km of CO2 on the smallest, 16-inch wheels that come as standard on the Icon and Icon Tech trim levels. The top-spec Design trim comes with larger, 17-inch alloys, and these raise CO2 emissions to 110g/km.

However, the combined economy range of 54-65mpg remains the same. Unfortunately, 102g/km isn’t low enough to qualify for London Congestion Charge exemption, however low company-car tax remains an added bonus.