Porsche Taycan reliability & safety

Reliability and safety shouldn’t be a concern in the Porsche Taycan, as the German carmaker has a good reputation for both

The Porsche Taycan has all the usual safety systems and devices you’d expect on any car, including airbags throughout the interior, seatbelt warning systems and ISOFIX points on the rear seats.

Porsche Taycan reliability & problems

There’s nothing adverse to be said about the Porsche Taycan’s reliability as yet: it’s a completely new car, so long-term issues haven’t had time to arise. Reliability should be strong, though, as Porsche has a good reputation for making cars that are built to last.

As an electric car, the Taycan should (in theory) be more reliable than a petrol or diesel vehicle, too. There are far fewer components than in an internal combustion engine, which means there's less that can go wrong.

Like any electric car, though, it’s worth remembering that the maximum range available from a single charge will decrease over time. Porsche offers the Taycan with a three-year warranty, while the battery is covered for a total of eight years.


The Porsche Taycan has yet to undergo crash-testing by Euro NCAP, but the number of safety systems in place as standard should give potential buyers peace of mind.

Adaptive cruise control, traffic-sign recognition, parking assistance, lane-keeping assistance, swerve assistance (which can help you avoid obstacles in an emergency) and intersection assistance systems are all included as part of Porsche’s 'InnoDrive' package.

The Taycan also features a rear-end collision alert system, which warns following traffic of potential collisions by continuously measuring the Taycan’s speed and that of the vehicle behind.