Peugeot e-2008 electric motor, drive & performance

The e-2008 is fit for purpose but nothing exceptional, and ride comfort could be better

Peugeot e-2008
0-62mph Top speed Driven wheels Power
9.0s (est) 93mph Front 134bhp

The Peugeot e-2008 is perfectly inoffensive to drive, with predictable steering and enough gusto to make it feel darty from a standstill, as well as capable and stable on the motorway. Our only concern is that the 18-inch alloys (standard on GT Line and GT cars) make the ride comfort brittle, especially if you hit a pothole mid-corner, which can unsettle the car enough to have the traction-control light flashing. 

Peugeot e-2008 0-62mph, top speed and acceleration

Peugeot has only released an estimated 0-62mph time of nine seconds for the e-2008 so far, while top speed is capped at 93mpg to preserve battery life. On the road, the Peugeot is uninspiring but perfectly adequate to drive. There are various drive modes on offer, including a Sport mode that noticeably sharpens up throttle response and steering weight, while Eco can make the throttle feel too unresponsive. The default Normal mode strikes the happy balance you want, and makes the Peugeot a pleasant car to drive.

There are two levels of brake regeneration. The default mode is very subtle and barely any stronger than the engine braking you experience in a petrol or diesel car. You trigger the heavier regeneration mode by tugging the gearlever into ‘B’ and, while there’s very noticeable drag when you lift off the throttle, the system still bleeds in smoothly and is easy to modulate once you're used to it. It’s not strong enough for the one-pedal driving that's possible in a Nissan Leaf, however.


As with performance, the Peugeot goes round corners just fine. It’s not going to thrill, but it feels secure and predictable. The driver's seat is comfortable and visibility is good, so it’s easy to enjoy the relaxed, easy-going progress on offer in the e-2008. The steering can feel a little quick when you steer into a corner initially, and too keen to self-centre as well, but you get used to it and, of course, the electric motor’s power delivery is seamless and soothing.