Hyundai Kona Electric range, battery & charging

The Hyundai Kona Electric offers unbeatable range for the money

Range Battery size Wallbox charge time Fast charge time
180-279 miles 64kWh 9hrs 35mins (7.2kW) 1hr 15mins (50kW, 0-80%)

With 279 miles on offer from its largest battery option, the Kona Electric is a tempting buy. However, 180 miles is plenty for most drivers most of the time, so don’t be pushed into buying more range than you need.

Hyundai Kona Electric range

There’s no doubt range anxiety is becoming less of an issue across the board as battery technology for electric cars develops. Indeed, the 279-mile range of the Kona’s largest battery seems somehow to cross a threshold of acceptability – giving electric-car drivers a similar amount of freedom to travel as a typical tank of fossil fuel.

Most drivers, on most days, travel less than 30 miles, making the smaller Kona battery perfectly adequate. The 180-mile range on offer makes longer journeys feasible, too, so don’t automatically assume that bigger is better – especially as the Kona range figures have been achieved under the latest testing procedure, which is more representative of real-world driving.

Charge time

Big batteries take longer to charge than small ones, and it would take more than 30 hours to charge the Kona Electric’s 64kWh unit with the supplied cable using a three-pin domestic socket.

Fortunately, Hyundai also provides a Type 2 cable that gives you access to the vast majority of public fast chargers, and the Kona will also take a CCS cable that's commonly found at rapid chargers on the motorway.

Hyundai has a deal with wallbox provider PodPoint to fit dedicated charging points at owners’ homes, too; do this, and most drivers will never need to worry about range ever again.

Battery warranty

There’s an eight-year/125,000-mile warranty on the Kona Electric’s battery.