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BMW iX3 boot space, seating & practicality

While the BMW iX3 is less practical than the petrol model, it’s still a spacious and versatile family SUV – with a decent range to boot

Overall rating

4.0 out of 5

Boot space, seating & practicality rating

4.0 out of 5

LengthWidthHeightBoot volume (seats up/down)
4,734mm1,891mm1,668mm510/1,560 litres

Practicality isn't quite as good as in a petrol or diesel-powered X3, with the iX3's boot space reduced by 40 litres to 510 litres. But there's actually 60 litres more than you'll find in the plug-in hybrid model, thanks to the clever position of the batteries. Rear-seat space is unchanged; there's plenty for adults and children alike. All this, added to the competitive real-world range and rapid-charging capability, makes the iX3 a pretty practical family car. If you can charge at home, the BMW could well function as a family’s only car.

BMW iX3 interior space, storage & comfort

If you’ve ever sat inside a normal BMW X3, then the electric version will feel very familiar. That means the rear seats are roomy, with the sense of space emphasised by the standard panoramic roof. You’ll easily get two child seats in the rear, or three adults at a push. There’s no sloping roofline like in a Jaguar I-Pace, which helps with accommodation. In terms of storage, again, it’s identical to the petrol X3. That means there are plenty of useful cubbies, and a decent-sized glovebox. The door bins are big enough to carry a large bottle, and there are two cupholders on the centre console.

Boot space

The BMW iX3’s boot is smaller than the one you’ll find in a petrol or diesel X3, but it’s still a decent size and plenty big enough for most families. In fact, at 510 litres, it’s 10 litres bigger than the Mercedes EQC’s and five litres bigger than a Jaguar I-Pace’s. There’s even a small storage space under the iX3’s boot floor for keeping the car’s charge cables out of sight.

Fold the rear seats and you’ll uncover a huge 1,560-litre load bay, which is pretty good even by petrol SUV standards. Still, if you want maximum carrying capacity, the Audi e-tron is the biggest of the bunch; the Tesla Model X is larger still, but it’s a much bigger car, which effectively sits in the class above.

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