BMW i3 running costs

The BMW i3 is pricier than some less premium rivals, but day-to-day running costs are similarly low

Insurance group Warranty Service intervals 2019/20 company-car cost (20%/40%)
28-29 3yrs / unlimited miles 2yrs / 18,000 miles From £1,129 / £2,259

The BMW i3 is expensive to buy, especially if you’re trying to balance driving distance against cost. The Hyundai Kona Electric with a 64kWh battery will go much further on a full charge for a similar price, while the Nissan Leaf and Renault ZOE look even better value. No rival has either the prestige or contemporary design cool of the BMW, of course, and the i3’s success suggests drivers are prepared to pay for that privilege.

Charging an i3 overnight will cost little more than a couple of pounds, while company-car drivers will find it very affordable at under £200 per month in BiK, until April 2020 when the tax rates change and it becomes free of company-car tax altogether for a year – and even the year after that it costs pennies. London drivers also benefit from exemption from the Congestion Charge and ULEZ zone.


BMW i3 insurance group

Group 28 (for the i3) and 29 (for the i3s) insurance ratings mean premiums won't be cheap compared to conventional city cars.


The three-year/unlimited-mileage warranty for BMW i models also includes an eight-year/100,000-mile guarantee for the battery. Warranty extensions are available too, as long as servicing is done on time.


The BMW i3 service plan costs just £239 annually and includes full diagnostic checks and parts replacement if required for electrical items.

Road tax

There’s no road tax to pay on a BMW i3, thanks to its zero CO2 emissions.