New BMW i4 2021: specs, range and on-sale date

New details of the BMW i4 electric four-door coupe have been revealed, as it's prepared for a 2021 launch

BMW has revealed that its all-electric i4 four-door coupe will use a new 523bhp BMW eDrive powertrain when it's launched in the UK in 2021. The BMW i4 will have a top speed of over 124mph and a 0-62mph acceleration time of around four seconds.

The new eDrive electric drive system set to appear in the i4 will be the fifth generation of the technology that BMW has brought to market. It will make its debut in the iX3 SUV in 2020 and appear in the iNEXT SUV – as well as the new i4 – in 2021. BMW is targeting a range of around 373 miles for the new i4 from an 80kWh battery pack when it arrives in showrooms. 

Thanks to official images of the car undergoing winter testing, we already know that the new i4 will look very different to BMW’s previous i-badged models. The BMW i3 and BMW i8, both of which use a variety of high-tech materials, were designed to stand out from the rest of the BMW range – and from most other cars, for that matter.

In complete contrast, the i4 will be built on a platform shared with many of BMW’s biggest-selling cars and will join models like the 3 Series and 4 Series in making up the brand’s ‘premium mid-range’ model line.

BMW i4 styling

The images from winter testing are the closest we've come to seeing a production version of the i4, and insiders have hinted that it’ll effectively be a part of the 4 Series Gran Coupe line-up, rather than being treated as a separate model.

As such, the i4 appears to sport a similar profile to the 4 Series, with the main difference being that it sits a little higher off the road to accommodate a battery.

The other strong clue to the i4’s design came in the shape of the BMW Concept 4 coupe revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2019, which is said to give a good indication as to how the next generation BMW 4 Series will look. 

Range, charging and battery

BMW knows how far its rivals’ cars can go on a single charge, so it wants to at least match them. With the likes of Audi, Tesla and Mercedes all achieving 250 miles now, BMW says the i4 will be capable of more than 373 miles of range. 

The eDrive system is also designed to be available in a range of different power outputs and it’s possible that the company could sell the i4 with a variety of battery capacities and, therefore, ranges. However, that will depend on customer demand.

The i4's performance also looks set to take the fight to its rivals: 0-62mph will take less than four seconds, with a top speed of around 124mph.

Release date

BMW has confirmed that the i4 will go on sale in 2021, following the iX3 SUV – due on sale next year – and the iNEXT SUV.