Bentley electric car: specs, prices and on-sale date

Bentley won’t say exactly what sort of electric car it’s working on, but evidence points to it being a four-door coupe

Bentley logo

It’s no secret that Bentley is planning an electric car, and we think it’s set to be a four-door coupe. 

The company sees an electric car as key to its future development, and its design director Stefan Sielaff told our sister brand Auto Express that he thought it should be a purpose-built electric model, rather than being based on an existing platform.

For him, it’s a chance to establish a new look for the company’s cars, as a new electric Bentley doesn’t have to based around a conventional engine, which forces the designers’ hands in some ways. 

Sielaff said that he thought the new electric car should have more than two seats, suggesting the company could choose either a high-riding SUV-style vehicle or something lower and sportier. However, his belief is that it should be the latter: "a vehicle that contains a certain coupe-style or sportivity, and also a certain elegance".

The only sensible conclusion to be drawn from that is that the firm could develop a four-door coupe. Sielaff added that he thought that the car would tread a fine line between moving the company’s design forward and appealing to new, younger buyers, and being immediately recognisable as a Bentley. 

It seems most likely that the Bentley electric car will be based on the same platform as the Porsche Taycan. That would suggest a car with a range of up to 310 miles, as well as a power output of something in the region of 600bhp.

Bentley’s previous CEO suggested this would be the case in 2017, as well as suggesting that the company would investigate wireless charging, because its customers wouldn’t want to get their hands dirty on mucky, wet charging cables.

What’s not yet clear is just when we can expect to see Bentley’s first electric car. The company has already shown an electric concept car – the EXP 12 Speed 6e at Geneva in 2017 – but given the clean-sheet approach being suggested, it looks as if a Bentley electric car could still be a few years away.