Complete guide to Andersen home charging points

Find out more about the stylishly designed wallbox and floor-mounted chargers from this UK manufacturer

Andersen is a UK-based company that produces home charging points for electric cars. The brand sets itself apart from other suppliers by offering attractively styled casings for its charging points, designed to fit in with high-end modern home architecture and interior design.

Currently, Andersen offers one model of home charging point: the wall-mounted Andersen A2, which is 'tethered'. That means the cable forms part of the charger and is stored within the wallbox.

An 'untethered' floor-mounted charge point, called the Andersen P1, is on the way soon. Untethered charging points don't have their own cable, so you use the cable supplied with your electric car (or one purchased from a third-party supplier).

Andersen A2 home wallbox charger

The Andersen A2 is on sale now, priced from £995 excluding installation fees and the government grant. It's comprised of a metal box with a wood panel on the front, and both the metal and wood elements of the device can be specified in a range of colours.

The A2 is available with either a Type 1 or Type 2 charging cable either five or eight metres long, with 3kW, 7kW and 22kW charging speeds offered. It's a 'smart' wallbox, with remote locking, charge time scheduling and charge power limiting functions that can be controlled by Android, Apple and desktop apps. It draws power from the mains, but can also be connected to and external solar charging device.

Andersen P1 home floor-mounted charger

The Andersen P1 is available as 7kW or 22kW charger. It's made of solid stainless steel and is available with Type 1 or Type 2 charging connections, with a magnetic door for the charging port. Part of the P1's exterior uses wood panelling, and this is offered in a choice of three different finishes.

The P1 also incorporates a remote locking function, along with charge time scheduling and charge power limiting. Apple, Android and desktop apps, as well as the Amazon Alexa home assistant, can be used to control the charger remotely. It draws power from the mains, but can also be connected to and external solar charging device. A concrete base is required to install the P1.

Andersen sells the P1 with a three-year warranty, and its stainless-steel panels have a projected lifespan of 20 years. Andersen also offers bespoke home charging points, where its design and manufacturing teams will work directly with a client to design a charging point to their exact preferences.