Complete guide to the GMEV charging network

Need to charge your electric car on the GMEV charging network? This is how it works

The Greater Manchester Electric Vehicle (GMEV) scheme is the public charging network for the Manchester area and consists of 318 points across the region. By the end of 2019, the network is expected to have added a further 48 rapid-charging points, allowing you to charge certain electric cars in minutes.

The scheme is managed by Transport for Greater Manchester and operated by ChargeYourCar (CYC), the UK’s fastest-growing pay-as-you-go recharging network.

You can find a nearby charging point using the ZapMap app on your phone or at the GMEV website. CYC also has a dedicated map on its website and an app that allows you to find your nearest bay as well as information on the types of connection and the price to use it.

How the GMEV network operates

The GMEV network is free to use and you can use a charging point by:

  1. Telephoning the number on the side of the charging point
  2. Using a Charge Your Car mobile app
  3. Using a Charge Your Car access card

To register for a CYC access card, you need to fill out a form online (you can’t do this in an app like some providers). The Charge Your Car access card costs £20 annually (including VAT) and gives you access to all 2,168 Charge Your Car charge points in the UK.

CYC’s charging points are always increasing in number and any charge point ‘host’ or owner can add their charge points to the CYC network, making them available to CYC members. ChargeYourCar is owned by BP Chargemaster.