SEAT electric moped: MÓ eScooter 125 on sale in the UK for £4,996

SEAT's electric moped has a top speed of 59mph and a claimed range of 85 miles

SEAT MÓ eScooter 125

The SEAT MÓ eScooter125 electric scooter is now on sale in the UK, priced from £4,996 after the government grant has been deducted, or for £95 per month over 48 months on hire purchase. It represents the car brand's first foray into electrified two-wheeled transport, having been previewed by the SEAT eScooter concept at the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, in 2019. 

The MÓ eScooter 125 is a pure-electric moped aimed at private buyers and fleet operators. Power comes from a 12bhp electric motor inside the rear wheel; 0-31mph takes 3.9 seconds and top speed is 59mph. A 5.6kWh battery feeds the motor and is good for a range of 85 miles according to SEAT; the firm reckons that only a weekly charge will be required in most typical usage cases.

Charging can take place at a public point or at home, where the scooter's battery can be removed and charged overnight from a three-pin socket. Fleet operators will be able to swap a charged battery in for a flat one, minimising turnaround times.

The scooter also features regenerative braking and a reverse gear. Pulling the left-hand brake applies the brakes on both wheels, while pulling the right-hand brake only applies the front but engages the regenerative braking – amplifying the braking effect and recharging the battery.

Three different colours available: Daring Red, Dark Aluminium and Oxygen White. Practicality features include a central stand, a side stand and an under-seat compartment that can hold two full-size helmets. An LCD display shows your speed, state of charge, remaining range, temperature, time and trip distance.

SEAT is also offering a range of accessories for the MÓ, including a helmet, winter gloves, summer gloves, a 39-litre rear top box, a trunk support, a mobile case holder, a high protection screen, a disc brake lock, and the Cosmo Connected safety system. The latter is a removable and adaptable rear light for your helmet that also connects to a mobile app. It has an integrated brake and warning light, as well as an emergency call function in the event of an accident, along with transmission of GPS data.


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