Skoda Citigo-e iV vs Volkswagen e-up!: verdict and specifications

There’s little to choose between these cars, but ultimately value for money makes one easier to justify

Skoda Citigo-e iV vs Volkswagen e-up!

Separating these two cars comes down to the fine art of splitting hairs. As they're based on the same platform, with identical running gear and indistinguishable driving dynamics, deciding on a winner comes down to simple value for money.

The fact that, should you wish, you can buy a Skoda Citigo-e iV without fast charging for just £17,455, or a top-spec SE L with all this technology included for a couple of thousand pounds more, makes it our winner here. Even when you compare like-for-like with the up!, the cheaper Citigo reigns supreme; more favourable finance deals and better residuals seal the deal.

It’s not a clear-cut victory, however. The Volkswagen has badge appeal the Skoda can’t match, and small things like the up!’s standard reversing camera work in its favour. But if you’re after a small, pure-electric city car with bags of character and room for the family, the Citigo-e iV takes some beating.

1st: Skoda Citigo-e iV – 4 stars

The Skoda pips the Volkswagen here, but only by the slimmest of margins. The two cars are ostensibly the same under the metal, and although they feel identical from behind the wheel, the Skoda’s slightly lower list price, better finance deals and superior residual values seal the victory here. If you’re after a great-value, small and characterful electric car, look no further than the Skoda Citigo-e iV.

2nd: Volkswagen e-up! – 3.5 stars

There really is very little to separate these two cars, and for many the choice will come down to badge or brand preference. That said, when it comes to such fine margins, the Volkswagen falls just short of the Skoda’s excellent value for money. The fact there’s only one specification – with no option to ditch fast charging in favour of a lower list price – seals the up!’s fate.


Car Skoda Citigo-e iV SE L Volkswagen e-up!
List price £19,815 £20,195
Monthly finance (PCP) £270 £301
Engine Electric motor Electric motor
Transmission Single-speed auto, front-wheel drive Single-speed auto, front-wheel drive
Battery capacity (total / usable) 36.8 / 32.3kWh 36.8 / 32.3kWh
Power / torque 81bhp / 212Nm 81bhp / 212Nm
0-60 / 30-50mph 10.7 / 4.1 seconds 10.7 / 4.1 seconds
Top speed 81mph 81mph
Braking 70-0 / 60-0 / 30-0mph 56.3 / 36.1 / 9.3 metres 56.2 / 35.7 / 9.1 metres
100% charge cost at 14p/kWh £4.52 £4.52
Charge time (socket / wallbox) 16hrs 45mins / 5hrs 30mins 16hrs 45mins / 5hrs 30mins
Official efficiency / electric range / CO2 3.7m/kWh / 159 miles / 0g/km 3.7m/kWh / 159 miles / 0g/km
On-test electric range 120 miles 120 miles
Road tax / BiK rate  £0 / 0% £0 / 0%
Length / width / height / wheelbase 3,597 / 1,645 / 1,481 / 2,422mm 3,600 / 1,641 / 1,463 / 2,407mm
Boot capacity (seats up) 250 / 953 Iitres 250 / 953 Iitres