Ford Mondeo Estate Hybrid reliability & safety

Reliability should be good on the Ford Mondeo Estate Hybrid; warranty coverage isn't great, but the safety rating is strong

Euro NCAP Adult protection Child protection Safety assist
Five stars 86% 82% 66%

The mass-produced Ford Mondeo has been around for several years now, so any early teething problems will long ago have been ironed out. There's lots of safety technology on offer, too, although this 2014-vintage Mondeo is no longer at the absolute cutting edge in that department.

Ford Mondeo Estate Hybrid reliability & problems

Reduced sales of big family cars like this in recent years have made it harder to get concrete reliability data: an insufficient number of responses meant the Mondeo didn't feature in the latest 2019 edition of our sister title Auto Express' annual Driver Power survey.

Nonetheless, we don't have any major concerns about the Mondeo Hybrid's reliability in the long term. It is disappointing, however, that the warranty coverages stretches only to 60,000 miles or three years. With the likes of Toyota and Hyundai offering five years, and Kia and MG going as many as seven, Ford's guarantee can't help but look a bit miserly in comparison. You can extend it for additional years at extra cost, though.


The Mondeo was awarded five stars for crash safety by the independent experts at Euro NCAP, however the test took place a couple of years ago now. With standards becoming more stringent all the time, a five-star result from 2014 isn't directly comparable to the same rating today.

You do get a decent suite of safety kit with the Mondeo, however: autonomous emergency braking, lane-keeping assistance and traffic-sign recognition, along with a full roster of airbags and the mandatory anti-lock brakes and traction-control, are all included. Inflatable rear seat belts are available on the options list, along with adaptive cruise control and blind-spot monitoring.