Renault Master Z.E. running costs

It’s expensive, but total cost of ownership is where the Renault Master Z.E. claws back money

As it was the first large electric van to come to market, the Master Z.E. has to set the benchmark for pricing. And with prices starting in the region of £45,000, it’s pretty expensive. That’s a lot more than for a diesel-powered Master, although unlike it does with the Kangoo Z.E., Renault only sells the Master Z.E. outright, rather than adding battery rental to the mix to bring the initial purchase price down.

The benefits of the Master Z.E.’s low running costs will be felt as soon as you hit the road. Charging costs a fraction of the price of filling a van with diesel, and as the Master Z.E. is designed with multi-drop deliveries in mind, it'll soon recoup the additional cost if it’s being used five or six days a week, all year round, when compared to a diesel van.

The Master Z.E. comes in its own specification based on the Business trim level offered on the diesel version. It gets plastic wheel trims, electric windows, electric heated door mirrors and electric-only kit such as interior pre-heating, voice control and a speed limiter. In the back there are eight anchor points on the load floor of the short-wheelbase version, while the medium and long-wheelbase vans have 10 anchors.

Road tax for electric vans is free, while the plug-in van grant is higher for vans than for electric cars, too, at £8,000. You also benefit from reduced Benefit-in-Kind rates and National Insurance rates. What’s more, servicing should be cheaper as well, thanks to the fewer moving parts in the electric drive system.

Renault Master Z.E. insurance group

The Master Z.E. is still too new to have been allocated insurance groups. But as the only difference between it and the diesel Master is its running gear, insurance costs should be similar. However, that higher list price will likely push costs up slightly.


The standard three-year/100,000-mile warranty that Renault offers on its entire range is also given to the Master Z.E., backed up by three years of Renault Assistance breakdown and recovery. The battery is covered for five years/100,000 miles and the electric drive system is covered for four years/100,000 miles.


Service intervals for the Master Z.E. are every two years or 25,000 miles, whichever comes first. Renault offers its iCare service package for the Master Z.E. through its Pro+ van centres. They're able to arrange a service package based on your mileage and work requirements, and it’s designed to minimise the time your van spends off the road.


The Master Z.E. is still too new to know how it'll fare on the used market. That high initial purchase price and the van’s very specific focus on one sector could count against it. And with other electric vans only worth about a third of their new price after three years, it doesn’t bode well for the Master. Having said that, if local authorities go ahead with introducing low-emission zones across the country, businesses running the Master Z.E. will be in prime position to take advantage.