Nissan Leaf practicality & boot space

We have few complaints about the amount of space inside the Nissan Leaf

Length Width Height Boot volume (seats up)
4,490mm 1,790mm 1,540mm 435 litres

One of the advantages of an electric car is that the lack of an engine means designers can maximise space. And a well designed electric car has the batteries located somewhere they don't impinge on passenger or luggage space.

Nissan Leaf interior space, storage & comfort

The Nissan Leaf’s batteries are under the back seats, which doesn’t intrude on space, although the rear-seat passengers sit a little higher in the car, with their knees up a bit as a result. There’s space for two adults in the back, but as is par for the course for any car of this size, three abreast is a bit of a squeeze. The Leaf easily competes with the best similarly sized hatchbacks, though.

Space in the front is more than adequate, although the steering wheel only adjusts up and down and not in and out, so it can take a bit of trial and error to get really comfortable. It’s less impressive when it comes to interior storage space – there isn’t a huge amount of it over the usual door pocket and centre console cubbies.

However, the five-door-only Leaf is easy to get in and out of, with doors that open nice and wide.

Boot space

The boot measures and impressive 435 litres, which is not only bigger than the Volkswagen e-Golf's, it’s actually five litres bigger than the boot of a Nissan Qashqai – an SUV that’s rarely criticised for a lack of space. The deep boot is easily big enough for a couple of suitcases and has a couple of nets to keep bits out of the way. You won't have any worries about where you’re going to keep your charging cables.

The rear seats split 60:40 and when fully folded down, increase space to 1,176 litres, but the depth of the boot means there’s a big step and no flat floor which may limit useability. Leafs fitted with the Bose stereo upgrade (standard on the Tekna) have slightly less luggage capacity due to the installation of additional equipment in the boot.