Hispano Suiza Carmen electric luxury car teased

The Geneva Motor Show will welcome the Carmen – an electric hyper-luxury car made by Spanish brand Hispano Suiza

Spanish luxury-car brand Hispano Suiza has teased a fully electric "hyperlux grand tourer" that'll be revealed at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

The little-known company – which was founded in 1904 and built cars and aeroplane engines until 1946 – will unveil the Carmen for the first time, having last appeared at the show with an unrelated prototype in 2002.

The Hispano Suiza Carmen will be built around a carbon-fibre monocoque, which the company says will provide the basis for the car’s “exceptional luxury, comfort, innovation and attention to detail”.

The Carmen’s electric powertrain will be a custom design overseen by production partners QEV Technologies, which Hispano Suiza says has engineering experience with supercar brands and in Formula E.

No performance details have been made public at this stage. Prices have also been kept under wraps, although Hispano Suiza’s website says just 19 iterations of the Carmen will be made. It is available to pre-order now.

The teaser image (above) gives little away about the Carmen’s design: the car will be a two-seater, and is inspired by the brand’s 1938 Dubonnet Xenia.

The car will be built in Barcelona, where the company has its headquarters, a technical centre and a manufacturing facility.