Ohme 'intelligent charging platform' launched

App-controlled charger promises big savings when combined with off-peak tariffs


A new electric-car charger from Ohme Technologies is promising big savings when used in conjunction with 'time-of-use' energy tariffs. The charger can be automatically set to draw charge when electricity is at its cheapest, with resulting savings of up to 75% compared to fuelling a petrol or diesel car, says Ohme.

Furthermore, it promises electric-car drivers savings of between £250 and £400 per year compared to using a Standard Variable Tariff (SVT), with running costs equivalent to 2p per mile.

The Ohme device's charging cable incorporates a 'smart box' that automatically chooses the cheapest available electricity, as well as calculating how much power is needed for the driver’s next journey, topping it up with precisely the right amount of charge.

The box can be controlled and programmed using a smartphone app or through voice recognition. Further functions include monitoring drivers' 'Green Score' and tracking how much CO2 they have saved by driving electric rather than petrol or diesel.

There's also a 'Favour Green Energy' option, which means it'll only charge at times when the carbon intensity of the electricity being generated is lower. Finally, it can help look after electric-car batteries by minimising the time they're at full charge, taking into account when the car will next be needed and for how long.

As well as saving drivers money, the Ohme box benefits the power grid by helping to shift load away from periods of peak demand, ensuring more electric-car charging happens at low-demand periods in the middle of the night.

Commenting on the launch, Ohme CEO David Watson said: "Electric-vehicle drivers have been crying out for an easy-to-use, cost-effective smart-charging solution and Ohme is just that. Not only will we help accelerate the mass adoption of EVs by revolutionising the domestic charging landscape, we will take a lot of the capacity strain and financial stress off the electricity network operators."