New electric Hummer EV edges closer to production

New all-electric GMC Hummer EV will be launched on 20 October, with retro styling, 'Crab Mode' and nearly 1,000bhp

US brand GMC has confirmed that its new electric Hummer EV will be revealed in full on 20 October 2020. The model – a reimagined and updated version of the classic military-derived off-road vehicle – is being described as "a zero-emissions, zero-limits supertruck".

The latest teaser video from GMC released on social media in July 2020 revealed a number of details – and snapshot images – of the forthcoming car. The video (below), which shows a number of behind-the-scenes shots of the Hummer being developed, offers a brief glimpse of the new car's design in clay-model and body-in-white forms. These shots confirm that the new Hummer will lean heavily on the rough-and-tumble styling of its famous forebears.

Also listed in the video are a number of specifications and technology set to feature on the new car. 'Adrenaline Mode' is likely to unleash the full potential of the Hummer's electric motor on the road, while 'Crab Mode' could mean the Hummer will be able to drive sideways in an offroad situation.

The video also promises an 'Ultium' battery with 'super-fast charging' – although exact details of what these entail have not been announced. 'Next Gen Super Cruise' could equate to a rival system to Tesla's Autopilot, while 'Ultra-Vision Cameras' are likely to refer to a system of off-road specific cameras. 

The car's 'Modular Sky Panels' have already been teased, helping the Hummer keep pace with similarly configurable internal-combustion-powered rivals like the Jeep Wrangler and Ford Bronco.

Previously, a short video (below) posted on social media in January 2020 revealed that the car would be unveiled later this year. It'll be called the Hummer EV, and the short film shows the car’s start-up headlight sequence with the words: “A quiet revolution is coming. All-electric. Zero emissions. No limits”.

Initially, a full reveal was planned for late May 2020, however that date has now been pushed back to the autumn. But production and customer deliveries – anticipated to take place at some point in 2021 – are said to be still on track.

The first teaser video claims the Hummer will have an estimated 1,000hp (986bhp) power output and a 0-60mph time of three seconds – with the latest video confirming a torque figure of around 15,000Nm. 

The film shows a seven-bar backlit grille, with the word ‘Hummer’ projected between the headlights. The start-up sequence, much like that of the latest Audi A8, features multiple LEDs that switch on and off when the car is unlocked.

It’s not clear what size battery and electric motor the new Hummer EV will have, but it’s more than likely to feature a powerful dual-motor setup providing instant torque to all four wheels. We expect it to weigh more than 2.5 tonnes and feature dedicated off-road driving modes.

The new Hummer EV will be built by GMC, likely in the US. Parent company General Motors pulled out of Europe in 2018, so we don’t expect the Hummer to be officially sold in the UK any time soon. However, like its predecessor, importing one from the States should be possible.

Once it arrives, the electric Hummer will face competition from start-up firms Bollinger and Rivian, which are also developing electric off-roaders, as well as the radically styled Tesla Cybertruck pickup.