BMW 7 Series hybrid running costs

Running costs are likely to be low for the BMW 7 Series hybrid, but insurance and company-car tax will be pricey

Insurance group Warranty Service interval 2019/20 company-car tax cost (20%/40%)
50 3yrs / unlimited miles 2yrs / 18,000 miles From £3,172.62 / £6,345.24

For a car priced upwards of £76,000, you’d be forgiven for thinking that running costs wouldn’t be at the forefront of most buyers’ minds. However, the BMW 7 Series hybrid is likely to be popular with chauffeuring companies, so its fuel efficiency really does matter. Officially returning 123mpg, the 745e looks great on paper. However, realising that figure in the real world relies on charging the vehicle regularly to maximise its electric running.

Topping up the 12kWh battery via a home wallbox is likely to cost just a pound or two, assuming your electricity provider is charging you around 14p per kilowatt-hour. So if you mostly do short-distance trips, you could run the 7 Series hybrid for a fraction of the cost of a non-plug-in-hybrid alternative.

For company-car users, Benefit-in-Kind rates for the 745e stand at 16% for 2019/20, falling to 12% for 2020/21; the 745Le, with its slightly higher emissions, attracts slightly higher rates. However, both emit a lot less on paper than the petrol and diesel versions of the car.

BMW 7 Series hybrid insurance group

The BMW 7 Series hybrid sits in insurance group 50, which is the highest possible category. This means it'll likely be very expensive to insure.


Buyers of the 745e get a three-year warranty from BMW, with unlimited mileage allowed in that time. This is the same deal offered to Mercedes S-Class hybrid customers.


BMW says you should have the 7 Series hybrid serviced every two years or 18,000 miles, whichever comes first. S-Class hybrid drivers will need to book in their cars more regularly, at intervals of one year or 15,500 miles.

Road tax

As this is an ‘alternatively fuelled vehicle’, Vehicle Excise Duty – colloquially known as road tax – costs nothing on the lower-emitting 745e in the first year of registration. Meanwhile, the 745Le costs £15, as its extra 4g/km of CO2 emissions take it above the no-tax threshold.

In years two to six, VED rises to £455 on both versions, which includes an annual supplement of £320 applied to all cars bought for more than £40,000. Thereafter, road tax costs £135 annually.