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Audi A7 hybrid MPG, CO2 & charging

Official figures promise low emissions and high fuel economy – but the A7 TFSI e’s battery must be used regularly to get close to claimed numbers

Overall rating

3.5 out of 5

MPG, CO2 & charging rating

4.0 out of 5

Fuel economyCO2 emissionsElectric rangeWallbox charge time
141-157mpg40-46g/km28-31 milesc.2hrs 30mins (0-100%, 7kW)

As with all types of car (fully electric, plug-in hybrid and conventionally fuelled), the Audi A7 TFSI e’s claimed economy and emissions figures don’t paint the full picture in terms of what you can expect in the real world. For example, without regular charging, motorists can’t hope to come close to the official claims. 

You can choose between three modes. The first, Hybrid, uses sat-nav data to decide whether to run in petrol-electric or pure-electric mode. Next is EV, which solely relies on the battery for power unless there’s not enough charge or the accelerator is pressed hard enough to warrant extra assistance from the engine.

Last but not least is Battery Hold, which aims to preserve the charge of the battery. Thus is useful if you’ll be driving into a low-emissions zone later on in your journey. 

Audi A7 hybrid MPG & CO2 emissions

Audi claims that the maximum electric driving range of its plug-in A7 is 31 miles. Around 20 miles is very much achievable in the real world assuming a mixture of normal driving conditions, including some motorway time.

Regularly making full use of the battery is a must if there’s to be any hope of approaching the A7 TFSI e’s official fuel-economy figures of 141-157mpg. Furthermore, CO2 emissions of 46g/km (at most) ensure low company-car tax – and exemption from the London Congestion Charge until October 2021.

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