12 most innovative and eccentric electric cars - Ford TH!NK

These electric cars are at the vanguard of what’s possible

Ford TH!NK

The Ford TH!NK was more than a car; it was considered a 'mobility solution' – a phrase that’s often used today. Not bad for something launched a decade ago. The programme was to include cars, bikes and even a truck, all powered by electricity and offered as a solution to inner-city congestion and local air pollution. Sound familiar?

The tiny TH!NK City was a little like a G-Wiz in size and shape, although more technically advanced. It could nip from 0-30mph in around seven seconds, and had a range of 55 miles. It was made from recycled plastic, adding to its eco credentials. It’s a shame that it never really took off – Ford sold the concern to a Norwegian company and it was finally wound up in 2011.

The TH!NK looked fairly conventional, but the car on the next page is anything but.