12 most innovative and eccentric electric cars - Nissan Pivo 2

These electric cars are at the vanguard of what’s possible

Nissan Pivo 2

If you were compiling a list of the world’s wackiest-looking cars, the Nissan Pivo 2 would be right at the top. It was effectively a rotating pod that sat on four wheels – which could each pivot. The result was a car that never needed a reverse gear, on account of the passenger pod being able to rotate 360 degrees. The wheels could pivot 90 degrees, allowing the car to park in spaces only fractionally longer than the car itself.

Unsurprisingly, the Pivo 2 – along with the Pivo 1 and 3 – remains a concept, although the car did feature Nissan’s Around View Monitor, which generates a 360-degree, birds-eye view of the area around the car, eliminating blind spots.

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