14 reasons why electric cars are better than petrol and diesel cars - great design

Not convinced an electric car is for you? Here are the 14 reasons why an electric could be your only car

They don’t all look like they’re from the 22nd century (but some do)

You might want your electric car to stand out from the crowd to show the world you’ve gone electric. You might want your car to blend in. Either way, there’s something that’ll fit the bill.

The BMW i3 offers funky styling inside and out, with carbon-fibre and wood finishes that hint at the car’s eco credentials as well as its cutting-edge technology. But if you’re not one to wear your heart on your sleeve, models like the Volkswagen e-Golf or Hyundai Kona Electric look almost exactly like their petrol or diesel-powered siblings.

But any electric car will be kinder to the environment than a petrol or diesel car. Find out more on the next page.