How Electric Cars Work Will Blow Your Mind

Electric cars are simple, but very effective. We explain how they work

Electric cars are big news in the UK, boasting low running costs, ever-improving charging times and the ability to cover more miles on a single charge than ever before.

They have other benefits too: zero local emissions and constantly improving environmental impact as the National Grid goes greener, as well as a relaxing driving experience and reduced maintenance, thanks to a relative lack of moving parts.

Electric cars also boast effortless performance thanks to there being instant access to all of the motor's torque at any speed: just put your foot down and enjoy smooth, seamless power.  

And while insurance costs can run a little higher than on equivalent petrol or diesel cars – and asking prices can appear steep – these will both fall as the technology continues to filter into the mainstream. With the sales of conventional cars set to stop in 2035, it won't be long before we are all behind the wheel of an electric vehicle.

But how do they work? Here, we reveal all – just click through the following pages to learn more.