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5 reasons why the all-new Nissan X-Trail is the ultimate family lifestyle vehicle

If you’re the adventurous type, the Nissan X-Trail might just be for you. Here’s why

Nissan X-Trail - rear

More and more of us are discovering the joys of spending time outdoors with family. Whether it’s mountain biking, hiking, camping, extreme ironing (yep, that really is a thing), or something else, it’s good to have a vehicle that can easily facilitate such ventures. And that’s where the all-new Nissan X-Trail comes in.

As we’ll explain, it has numerous attributes that make it the ultimate family lifestyle machine. Let’s get into it. 

Spacious boot with multiple layouts

If specced as a five-seater, the Nissan X-Trail has a 585-litre boot - 20 litres larger than the previous-generation version. It’s a flexible space, with an enhanced version of Nissan’s Flexible Luggage Board System included from N-Connecta grade and up. This involves two boards which can be placed in multiple positions including vertically, to split the boot area into two separate spaces. It can also be flipped either way, with carpet on one side and a wipe-clean surface on the other - the latter being ideal if you need to carry some muddy walking boots, for instance. In all, the system has 16 different configurations. 

Seven-seater cabin

Whether you’ve a big clan or regularly find yourself transporting friends and extended family on adventures, the Nissan X-Trail’s optional seven-seat layout has you covered. The second row of seats slides backwards and forwards to both maximise legroom for the third row and to aid ingress and egress for those sitting back there, while the outer seat can be tumbled forward simply. 

A clever design ensures the rearmost passengers’ feet fit under the seats in front of them. When it isn’t needed, the third row easily folds into the boot floor. Getting into the X-Trail in the first place is nice and easy, too, with rear doors that open even wider than before, to an 85-degree angle. 

e-4ORCE traction

An adventurous lifestyle might mean you’ll often find yourself heading off the beaten track. In that case, you’ll be well-served by the Nissan X-Trail. In addition to an abundance of ground clearance, the SUV is also available with an e-POWER and e-4ORCE all-wheel drive system. 

This involves placing an electric motor at either end of the car. These are powered by the combination of a small lithium-ion battery and a 1.5-litre combustion engine which uses clever variable compression ratio technology for the best blend of performance and economy.

The engine never directly powers the wheels, which makes for smooth progress whether you’re on the asphalt or on rougher ground. The system reacts up to 10,000 times a second, altering the output to individual wheels to find the best traction. 

Nissan X-Trail - rear, boot open

Lifestyle accessories

The Nissan X-Trail is available with various accessories to make it even better suited to outdoor activities. Options include a protective mat which can extend over the rear bumper to prevent scratching, which will prove an ideal companion for the cargo barrier if the family pooch is joining in the fun. On the subject of the boot, there’s also a detachable light for the rear hatch available. 

For those carrying bicycles, there’s a roof-mounted carrier for two bikes, and a rear-mounted e-bike carrier that can accommodate normal or e-bikes. The roof bar option can also be combined with a ski carrier or a roof box. 

The most active families will appreciate the optional Protection pack, which includes hard-wearing floor mats, full boot protection and mudguards. 

As Vice President Aftersales AMIEO Stephane Lamari puts it: "The comprehensive range of accessories available for the new X-Trail will allow our customers to have even greater family adventures, with added convenience, utility and style."


Reaching the nation’s beauty spots can take some time, so it’s just as well that the Nissan X-Trail does plenty to keep passengers entertained on the way. The centrepiece of the car’s infotainment offering is a 12.3-inch NissanConnect display¹ with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay² connectivity, the latter of which can be accessed wirelessly. 

There’s also a Home-to-Car function which integrates Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa³ tech, so you can, for example, send a destination to the car’s sat-nav via either of these devices by voice command. 

Meanwhile, to keep everyone’s devices topped up on the move, there are multiple USB-A and USB-C ports for both front and rear passengers (available from Acenta Premium).

Nissan X-Trail - Mk1

Nissan X-Trail - two decades of providing transport for active families

First revealed at the 2000 Paris Motor Show, the Nissan X-Trail has now been with us for more than 20 years, spanning four generations and nearly seven million sales in that time. 

Beneath the rugged, boxy looks of the original ‘T30’ model lies a conventional passenger car platform shared with the Primera of the day. This gave the original X-Trail better on-road manners, but it proved to be handy off-road too, thanks to generous ground clearance and a selectable, locking all-wheel drive system.

It was designed with those who favour lifestyle activities in mind, with an easy-to-clean and large rubber-lined cargo area and a removable rear armrest making it possible to carry several snowboards plus four passengers.

In 2007 the ‘T31’ X-Trail arrived, continuing this blend of on and off-road capability with practical considerations, including configurable underfloor storage compartments in the boot. Perhaps the most significant change was the inclusion of All-Mode 4x4i - no longer did drivers have to decide when best to select a four-wheel drive mode, with the car’s intelligent system distributing torque between the axles as it saw fit. 

The ‘T32’ X-Trail landed in 2013, leaving behind the boxy designs of its predecessors for a more curvaceous look. Once again, it was a capable car both on road and off it, but this time, practicality was increased even further with the option of a three-row, seven-seater configuration. 

In 2022, production was wound down to coincide with the launch of the all-new ‘T33’ we’ve detailed earlier in this piece. 

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  1. Standard from N-Connecta grade 
  2. Apple CarPlay is a registered trademark of Apple Inc. Android is a trademark of Google LLC
  3. Amazon and Alexa® and all related marks are trademarks of Inc or its affiliates. Certain Alexa functionality is dependent on smart home technology. Services subject to network coverage
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Richard is editor of DrivingElectric, as well as sister site, and a regular contributor to Auto Express. An electric and hybrid car advocate, he spent more than five years working on the news and reviews desk at Auto Express and has driven almost every new car currently on sale.

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