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Toyota RAV4 Hybrid boot space & seating

The Toyota RAV4 is practical and spacious, but it's not an outright class leader in this area

Overall rating

4.0 out of 5

Boot space, seating & practicality rating

4.0 out of 5

LengthWidthHeightBoot volume (seats up)
4,600mm1,855mm1,685mm580 litres

Although the Toyota RAV4 isn’t available with seven seats – unlike some of its rivals – it’s still a roomy car that scores highly for practicality. The rear seats have lots of headroom and legroom so even tall adults will be able to get comfortable, and the middle seat is pretty good too. Since the RAV4 is comfortable over bumps, it should prove to be a good choice for family holidays and other long trips.

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid interior space & storage

The reason the RAV4 is so roomy inside is that Toyota has expanded its size significantly over the previous model, so there’s plenty of room for passengers in the back, even three abreast – although if they’re all adults, it won’t be ideal for long trips. Interior storage is good too, as there’s a deep centre cubby under the driver's armrest in the centre, including some USB ports and a spot for your smartphone when it’s plugged in.

The glovebox is a decent size, plus there are places for other bits and bobs around the cabin and incorporated into the dashboard. There are some big, stable cupholders in the front, and in the back you’ll find cupholders in the centre armrest, pockets on the backs of the front seats and door bins big enough to take an average-size drinks bottle.

Boot space

With the rear seats folded up and in place there’s a decent 580 litres of boot space, which is 79 litres more than the old model. If you fold the seats down there’s a total of 1,690 litres, which is plenty for carrying a mountain bike or heading to a flat-pack furniture shop. The boot is a nice square shape and has a flat floor that sits flush with the boot lip, so although it’s quite high up, it’s easy to slide things in and out.

It’s worth considering if you need a lot of space that the Skoda Kodiaq has a bigger boot, (although it’s not a hybrid) and also the option of a seven-seat layout should you want it. While there isn’t any underfloor storage space in the RAV4, you do get a spare tyre, which is much more convenient than a repair kit should you get a puncture and have to make a roadside repair.

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