New MINI Electric 2019: specs, price and on-sale date

Due to arrive in 2020, the new MINI Electric looks set to be an excellent city car

The new MINI Electric is expected to arrive in 2020, by which time it will be known as the MINI Cooper SE.

The company released a few teaser images confirming some of the car's exterior design last year, and our test drive of a camouflaged prototype back in March shows that the grille and wheels will be carried over more or less unchanged.

That sums up the forthcoming electric MINI: like every other MINI, but a bit different.

MINI Electric styling

We’re yet to see what the production car will look like, but we know that the final design will leave onlookers in now doubt that it's very obviously a MINI. However, there will of course be a few details that mark it out as an electric car.

It’s a similar principle to the way that, say, a Cooper S stands out from a One. So, the details you’ll notice on this zero-emission MINI are the yellow parts, particularly on the grille and wheels. The grille is also different, because it's closed off and comes with a yellow ‘E’ badge.

The company has already confirmed that these two elements will make it onto the production car, but it’s yet to be seen whether the further yellow details on the mirrors, doors and roof will also be available on the finished article. 

However, as we understand it, the electric MINI will be available only as a three-door hatchback. There are currently no plans to sell it with the larger, five-door body.


Performance details for the MINI Electric have yet to be confirmed, however we know that it will feature a 29kWh battery capable of delivering around 120 miles of range in the real work.

A 181bhp electric motor is the same as that found in the BMW i3s, meaning 0-62mph should take less than seven seconds.

The car will weigh 1,360kg, with 200kg accounted for by the battery back. Rather than use the i3's Samsung-supplied cells, the MINI Electric will feature a battery made by Chinese company CATL.

Parent company BMW has confirmed that the drivetrain will be made at the company’s plants in Germany before being shipped to Oxford, where the MINI Electric will be built.

Price and release date

Again, MINI has yet to give any indication of how much the MINI Electric will cost. But, looking at the price of the i3 and the difference between the standard MINI Countryman and the plug-in hybrid, we expect the MINI Electric will cost something near £30,000. However, as it’s a zero-emissions vehicle, it will be eligible for the Government’s plug-in car grant of £3,500.