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MG HS Plug-In range, MPG, CO2, battery & charging

The HS Plug-In returns respectable numbers here, with both the decent electric range and crucial sub-50g/km CO2 emissions boxes ticked

Overall rating

3.5 out of 5

Range, MPG, CO2, battery & charging rating

4.0 out of 5

Electric rangeFuel economyCO2 emissionsWallbox charge time
32 miles156mpg43g/km3hrs (0-100%, 7kW)

As in many other respects, the HS Plug-In doesn't blow the competition into the weeds here, but nor does it disgrace itself, either. Its 32-mile pure-electric range is comparable with that of most rivals, and while its CO2 emissions of 43g/km aren't the lowest in class, the fact that they're below 50g/km is all that really matters from the perspective of company-car tax costs.

MG HS Plug-In range, MPG & CO2 emissions

On the technology front, MG's familiar 1.5-litre turbocharged petrol engine used elsewhere in the range is here joined by an electric motor, drawing power from a 16.6kWh battery. MG says that should be sufficient for over 30 miles of pure-electric running on a charge – enough to cover many people's daily commute without using any petrol.

Put through industry-standard testing, the HS Plug-In returned CO2 emissions of 43g/km and average fuel economy of 156mpg. While the latter number is something of a pipe-dream in the context of everyday driving, the CO2 figure in combination with that electric driving range unlocks the all-important company-car Benefit-in-Kind tax rate of 11% for business users.

Charge time

If you're considering any plug-in hybrid, whether as a private or business buyer, the ability to charge at home or at work is vital if you're to come anywhere near those published efficiency numbers. Using public rapid charging points isn't all that convenient in this case; like most plug-in hybrids, the HS can't charge fast enough to take advantage of their typical maximum speeds. A typical 7.4kW wallbox unit will get the MG's battery topped up fully in around three hours, so it's very easy to ensure you're starting each day with a full battery.

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