12 most innovative and eccentric electric cars - Jaguar E-Type Zero

These electric cars are at the vanguard of what’s possible

Jaguar E-Type Zero

The heart of the Jaguar E-Type is widely considered to be its engine, so it’s all the more surprising Jaguar chose its most iconic car to convert into an all-electric classic. The 1968 E-Type Roadster was converted by Jaguar Land Rover Classic, but other than the batteries, motors and LED headlights, remains completely original.

The car’s propulsion system was developed specifically for the E-Type, and JLR Classic says the weight and balance are largely unchanged, so it’s claimed to ride, drive and stop just like the original. While drivers might miss the intoxicating noise of the E-Type’s six or 12-cylinder engine, they won’t be left wanting for performance. With a 0-60mph time of 5.5 seconds, it’s around a second faster than it was back in 1968, and could give a Golf GTI a run for its money.