How Electric Cars Work Will Blow Your Mind - £3,000 a year savings

Electric cars are simple, but very effective. We explain how they work

Electric vehicles benefit from rock-bottom running costs as electricity is much cheaper than petrol or diesel. Depending on your electricity tariff, fully charging a Nissan Leaf could cost just £5.60 for 235 miles – a saving of around £22 over an equivalent diesel. The Government’s Go Ultra Low campaign highlights owners reporting annual savings of over £3,000 in running costs and tax receipts.

Other savings include those upon purchase of an electric car, where the government's Plug-in Car Grant chops £3,000 off the asking price of electric cars under £50,000. Insurance premiums can run a little higher than for petrol or diesel equivalents, but should come down as electric cars continue to become more popular.

You'll pay less to the taxman too, as we explain on the next page.