New Renault ZOE 2019: specs, prices and on-sale date

A new, second-generation Renault ZOE is expected to arrive later in 2019, with a raft of improvements

A new Renault ZOE looks set to arrive later in the year, as the French carmaker seeks to improve its electric-car package in the face of increased competition from rivals.

The ZOE – which launched in 2013 – is one of the most affordable electric cars on sale, although in recent months it has been overtaken technologically by the likes of the Kia e-Niro and Hyundai Kona.

More recently, a limited-edition Nissan Leaf e+ has introduced a bigger, 62kWh battery delivering 239 miles of range.

Renault has yet to reveal any performance targets for its new ZOE, although it’s likely that the second-generation car will improve in several key areas.

A new ZOE could be revealed for the first time late this spring or early in the summer, following the launch of the fifth-generation Renault Clio. That supermini is due to welcome a hybrid engine in 2020.

New Renault ZOE performance

At present, the Renault ZOE features a 40kWh battery returning an official range of 186 miles on the latest WLTP test cycle. In the real world, 160 miles is a more achievable figure, and Renault admits that this falls to 124 miles in cold weather, when electric-car batteries are less efficient.

A bigger battery would give the ZOE a much-needed range boost in line with figures offered by rivals, while improvements to the electric motor would make the ZOE faster: the current car covers 0-62mph in a leisurely 11.4 seconds.


As for the design, we expect the new Renault ZOE to adopt more assertive styling, evolved from the current model's. It would make sense for the interior to undergo an overhaul as well, perhaps taking inspiration from the forthcoming, similarly sized Clio.

The interior for that car has already been revealed, featuring a 9.3-inch infotainment screen and a digital instrument display behind the steering wheel. Renault has trimmed away at the interior’s components to free up more space for passengers, and the overall look is sportier than before.


Meanwhile, Renault has confirmed that the Q90 Quick Charge version of the current ZOE has been pulled from sale. The variant introduced 43kW charging to the ZOE package, which for now has to make do with a maximum charging speed of 22kW in the sole remaining R110 model.

Renault says the Q90 only accounted for 4% of ZOE sales, however the absence of rapid-charging capability – which already lagged behind rivals – will be considered a big shortcoming by some buyers.

It seems likely that the new ZOE will rectify this when it’s launched, although it’s not yet clear if that’ll take the form of Type 2 or CCS charging. Nor is it clear at this stage how prices for the new ZOE would evolve prior to going on sale.