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Infiniti Q70 Hybrid MPG & CO2 emissions

The Infiniti Q70 Hybrid is unlikely to be any more economical than a modern diesel saloon, which makes it hard to recommend

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2.0 out of 5

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The Infiniti Q70 Hybrid feels a little like having your cake and eating it. Not only is it the most powerful Q70 in the range, it’s also far more economical than the 3.7-litre petrol version. The Q70 Hybrid could return a claimed 45.6mpg combined, which is nearly 20mpg more than the 3.7-litre version (26.2mpg).

It will be hard to achieve that figure in everyday driving, unless you make regular use of the hybrid’s electric power mode. Around town, the hybrid has the edge, with the electric motor proving useful in stop-start traffic.

In faster traffic and on motorways, the Q70 Hybrid is unlikely to be little better than you’d find in the 300bhp 3.7-litre petrol. Note, these fuel economy figures were determined under and old testing procedure and not the latest 'WLTP' system.

Overall, the real-world fuel economy is likely to be on a par with a modern diesel engine – the Q70 2.2-litre offers a claimed 58.9mpg – so the Q70 Hybrid is more attractive for its performance credentials than it is for its efficiency. This makes it hard to recommend.

Infiniti Q70 Hybrid range

Unlike its electric or plug-in hybrid rivals, the Infiniti Q70 Hybrid isn’t designed with pure-electric range in mind, but the hybrid system will seek to maximise the overall petrol-electric range.

The Drive Mode Select allows you to put the car in ‘Eco’ mode, which adjusts the engine and transmission output to enhance fuel economy. The dashboard will tell you when you’re driving within the range of economical driving.

By default, the Q70 Hybrid will set off in electric mode, with the petrol engine taking over at 20mph. When slowing down, the electric motor will kick in at 17mph, with a smooth and seamless switch between the two modes. Keeping the car in electric mode for as long as possible becomes rather addictive, with the added bonus of knowing it’s saving you money.

Based on the claimed fuel-economy figures and the Q70 Hybrid’s 70-litre petrol tank, you should be able to get up to 450 miles out of a full tank, although regular use of the electric motor will add a few extra miles of range.

Charge time

The Infiniti Q70 Hybrid isn't a plug-in hybrid model, so charge time isn't applicable.

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