Honda to offer fully electrified range by 2025

Honda promises fully electrified range in six years’ time, bringing forward previous 2030 deadline

Honda e Prototype

Japanese carmaker Honda has committed to full electrification of its range by 2025, bringing forward a previously announced deadline of 2030 by five years.

The move means all Hondas sold by 2025 will be either fully electric or hybrid. The brand gave its e Prototype electric concept its public debut at the Geneva Motor Show, followed by a production version in the form of the Honda e. The technology underpinning the electric city car is expected to be used for a wide range of models in the coming years.

Explaining why the electrification date has been moved forward, Honda Motor Europe senior vice president Tom Gardner said: "Since we made that first pledge in March 2017, the shift towards electrification has gathered pace considerably.

"Environmental challenges continue to drive demand for cleaner mobility. Technology marches on unrelenting and people are starting to shift their view of the car itself.”

Honda has also announced a partnership with Moixa to develop vehicle-to-grid (V2G) charging solutions for owners of its electric cars. It's also linking up with charging infrastructure specialist Ubitricity, which develops public charging points built into lamp-posts, as well as other charging solutions.

Honda currently offers hybrid technology in the UK in the CR-V SUV, while the next-generation Civic hatchback has also been confirmed as a hybrid. The production version of the e Prototype, meanwhile, is expected to arrive towards the end of 2019.