Tesla Model S and Model X 75D versions dropped

Elon Musk has announced that entry-level variants of the Model S and Model X will no longer be offered

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has said that the cheapest versions of its Model S and Model X – those badged 75D due to their smaller, 75kWh battery – will be pulled from sale next week.

Musk announced the move on Twitter, leaving the 100D and P100D as the only options available to customers.

As such, the most affordable Model S will cost from £93,150, with Model X prices starting at £95,150.

Both remaining packages feature 100kWh batteries capable of delivering well in excess of 250 miles of range in real-world conditions, although the P100D includes performance upgrades that introduce supercar-like acceleration.

Meanwhile, Musk also suggested that the company will eventually move towards the naming structure of the the Model 3, which features ‘Mid Range Battery’, ‘Long Range Battery’ and ‘Performance’ editions in its line-up.

However, it isn’t clear if the 100D and P100D will simply be rebranded at a later stage, or if changes will coincide with the arrival of facelifted cars further down the line.

Currently, no plans to this end have been made public, although Musk has denied the suggestion that the Model S and Model X could be phased out altogether over the next couple of years.

With Tesla thought to be planning a 200kWh battery for the new Tesla Roadster in 2020, it follows that its other models will gain larger batteries with additional range in due course.