Geely launches Geometry electric car sub-brand

Chinese parent group of Volvo announces electric-car brand Geometry, with potential UK sales in pipeline

Geely – the Chinese parent company of Volvo, Lotus and the makers of the electric London taxi – has launched a new electric-car brand, called Geometry.

The Geometry A will be the new brand’s first car, with Long Range and Standard models offered when production begins.

The Geometry A Long Range will feature a 61.9kWh battery and deliver 311 miles of range, while the Geometry A Standard will return 255 miles of range from a smaller, 51.9kWh unit.

All versions of the car will produce 161bhp, developing 250Nm of torque and hitting 0-62mph in 8.8 seconds.

The Geometry A Standard is expected to be priced from US$31,250 (approx £23,880) when it goes on sale, with the Long Range model priced from US$34,200 (approx £26,140). Subsidies in China should reduce these figures substantially for customers.

Geometry says the A will charge up from 30 to 80% in 30 minutes via a rapid charger, although specific figures have yet to be confirmed.

In terms of design, the Geometry A will be similar in size to a Toyota Prius, with aerodynamic door handles and alloy wheels helping to keep air resistance low. The measures are said to produce a drag coefficient of 0.2375, similar to that of the Tesla Model 3.

Thanks to the company’s links with Volvo, class-leading safety is promised, with front and rear collision warning, lane-keeping and changing assistance, blind-spot monitoring and adaptive cruise control all set to feature.

Keyless entry is also being developed, along with a ‘speed-limiting key’ that reduces the Geometry A’s performance when entrusted to friends and family members.

‘Level 2 plus’ autonomous driving capability is also on the cards: this would be a first for an electric car in China.

“Geometry is our answer to the future of the [electric car] industry,” said Geely Auto Group President and CEO An Congui. “[It’s] a representation of our ideals, and a firm step into a ‘beautiful new world.’”

The company claims 27,000 orders have already been placed for the Geometry A, with two-thirds of those heading for markets beyond China. Right-hand-drive models have been confirmed, although it has yet to be decided if the brand will come to the UK.

The Geometry A is the first of 10 Geometry models due by 2025, with SUVs, crossovers, MPVs and family saloons being developed. All of them will be electric, and follow the alphabetic naming structure started by the A.