Mercedes S-Class hybrid running costs

Regular charging of the Mercedes S-Class hybrid’s battery will make visits to fuel stations vanishingly rare

Insurance group Warranty Service intervals 2019/20 CC cost (20%/40%)
49 3yrs / unlimited miles 1yr / 15,500 miles £3,117.12 / £6,234.24

With a claimed fuel-economy figure ranging from 104.6 to 128.4mpg, running costs should be ultra-low, provided you can plug the S-Class in regularly to keep the battery topped up.

Most home energy tariffs price electricity at around 12-14p per kWh, which means you can fully charge the S-Class plug-in’s 13.5kWh battery for less than £2. Using a public charger might cost more, but you’re unlikely to stop at one when you’ve got the petrol engine to fall back on.

The Benefit-in-Kind company-car tax savings could also be significant: the diesel version of the S-Class is taxed at a much higher rate.

Mercedes S-Class hybrid insurance group

The Mercedes S-Class plug-in hybrid sits in one of the highest insurance bands there is: group 49 (out of 50) to be precise. Given the big list price, high power output and ultra-desirability of the S-Class, it won’t be cheap to insure. For anyone.


The Mercedes S-Class plug-in hybrid comes with a three-year warranty, although there’s no limit on the mileage you can do in that time. This is standard across the Mercedes range, and covers any problem that might arise from a manufacturing fault.


Mercedes recommends that the S-Class plug-in hybrid is serviced every 12 months or 15,500 miles, whichever comes first.

Road tax

Thanks to its low emissions, the Mercedes S 560 e L will cost just £15 in vehicle excise duty (VED) for the first 12 months.

After that, however, the price goes up: the standard alternative-fuel rate is £135 from the second year onwards, with the S-Class incurring an additional £320 supplement in tax years two to six due to its high purchase price.

In other words, VED costs £15 for the first year, £455 for the next five, and £135 annually thereafter.