Range Rover PHEV (2018-2022) interior, dashboard & comfort

Like the rest of the Range Rover line-up, the PHEV has a high-quality and very comfortable interior

Overall rating

3.5 out of 5

Interior, dashboard & comfort rating

4.0 out of 5

Even by the standards of upmarket SUVs, the Range Rover is a class apart – and the PHEV is every inch a ‘proper’ Range Rover. As you'd expect, there’s a supremely classy mix of wood and leather inside, but the plug-in hybrid also benefits from all the improvements that were applied to the full range in 2018.

That includes the double-screen infotainment that was first seen in the smaller Range Rover Velar. It’s good to use and looks great, but it’s a real disappointment that you can’t get Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. Things are more luxurious inside, too, thanks to thicker windows and noise-cancelling technology that help keep things quiet. Meanwhile, you can get better massage functions on the even more comfortable seats.

Range Rover PHEV dashboard

Thanks to the latest updates, today’s Range Rover looks far more elegant and futuristic inside. There are far fewer buttons on the dashboard, which means the whole thing looks much less cluttered and is far easier to use as a result.

Meanwhile, the quality of the materials is absolutely fantastic, too. You get soft, luxurious leather on the dashboard, steering wheel and doors, while the inserts in the centre console and on the steering wheel come in either piano-black lacquer or wood-veneer. Most models also have a mood lighting system. This is made up of LED lamps, whose colour you can adjust and which create a really classy atmosphere inside the car.

Equipment, options and accessories

It will doubtless come as no surprise that the PHEV, like all Range Rovers, comes with a lot of standard equipment. What’s more, in contrast to some makers, who adopt a take-it-or-leave-it approach to their hybrids by selling them in just one trim level, Land Rover sells the Range Rover PHEV in a variety of trim levels, as well as in regular and long-wheelbase forms.

All models get air suspension, sat nav, Bluetooth connectivity and DAB, along with  leather upholstery, three-zone climate control, a Meridian stereo and Lane Departure Warning. You also get Land Rover’s clever Terrain Response system, which incorporates features like hill-descent control, and LED headlights.

Vogue SE – which is the best value – upgrades to the more advanced Terrain Response 2 system, as well as adding several extra safety systems and configurable interior ambient lighting. Autobiography models are even more luxurious, with a rear-seat entertainment package for long-wheelbase models, while SVAutobiography Dynamic is as luxurious as you'd expect of the flagship Range Rover.

What will perhaps surprise you is that, despite all that standard equipment, there are still an awful lot of options. For example, you might be tempted by either the Cold Climate or Hot Climate packs, a head-up display or any one of several ‘lifestyle’ additions, such as bike carriers, dog guards or roof rails.

Infotainment, apps & sat nav

Two 10-inch touchscreens mounted in the centre console are the link between you and Land Rover’s latest InControl Touch Pro infotainment system. In theory, the advantage is that you can split functions between the two – for instance, using the sat nav on the upper screen, while adjusting the climate control on the bottom one – but it can be rather confusing at first sight.

Naturally, things make more sense the longer you get to play with the system, but it certainly takes a while to master – not least because there are also a couple of rotary controls at the bottom of console and their function can vary, depending on what you’re doing at the time. It also takes a while to wipe all the finger marks off the two touchscreens, as they come in for a lot of use. A lot of the information is also repeated on the digital instrument display.

You can plug your smartphone in, but it’s a surprise that neither Apple CarPlay, nor Android Auto, is supported. Instead, you need to use Land Rover’s InControl apps, which you can operate through the touchscreen. In addition, the Connect Pro service gives you access to a whole host of extra services. This includes Real Time Traffic information and the ability to plan your journey from your smartphone before you leave and send details to your car via the Cloud.

Finally, the Remote Premium service allows you remotely lock and unlock your car from a connected smartphone or watch, as well as flash the lights to help locate the vehicle and heat or cool the car before you start a journey. Uniquely for the PHEV, the system also allows you to remotely check on the charge of the battery and even adjust how and when the car charges.

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