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Renault ZOE
Best electric cars 2020

What are the best electric cars of 2020? In no particular order, we run through our favourites...

Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid
Best used hybrid cars

Want to go hybrid, but prefer something secondhand to brand-new? Our list of the best used hybrid cars to buy is here to help

Cheapest electric cars

Electric vehicles have a reputation for being expensive, but the cheapest electric cars are more affordable than you might think

Best hybrid estate cars

Need a big, practical car that will make your money go further? The best hybrid estates

4WD electric cars
Best 4WD electric cars

The best four-wheel-drive electric cars offer great traction and acceleration. These are our favourites

Future electric cars

These are the best future electric cars from the world’s leading manufacturers

Best electric family cars

Our guide to the most practical electric family cars on sale right now

Cheap hybrid cars: the best used hybrid cars to buy on a budget

A guide to buying a cheap used hybrid car on a budget

Aston Lagonda
Best luxury electric cars

Want zero driving emissions, but also top-class luxury? These are the best luxury electric cars

Longest range electric cars

The range of electric cars is going up all the time. Here are the top 10 models with the longest range on a single charge

Most fun-to-drive electric cars

We pick 10 of the most exciting and engaging electric and electrified cars you can buy

Renault electric
Best electric car deals

Electric car deals could save you a pretty penny on an electric, hybrid or plug-in hybrid car. We round up the best from BuyaCar and elsewhere

Best hybrid hatchbacks

A hybrid hatchback is just as practical as a normal hatchback, but with even lower running costs. These are the best on sale

Renault ZOE
Best Motability electric cars

The Motability Scheme includes a small number of electric cars, which could help eligible drivers keep costs down

Best used plug-in hybrid cars

If your budget doesn’t stretch to a brand-new car, then a used plug-in hybrid might be your best bet

Best hybrid family cars

The best hybrid family cars on the market deliver low running costs and unbeatable practicality. Here’s our top five…