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Best electric cars 2019

Ultra-low running costs and zero emissions – what's not to like about electric cars? These are the best...

Best Motability electric cars

The Motability Scheme includes a small number of electric cars, which could help drivers keep costs down

Best used electric cars

Going electric doesn't mean spending big. Here's how you can make the switch to zero-emissions motoring for just a few thousand pounds...

Best small electric cars

An electric car with compact dimensions makes for a perfect urban runabout – and we think these are the best you can buy...

Toyota Prius
Best used hybrid cars

Want to go hybrid, but prefer something secondhand to brand-new? Our list of the best used hybrid cars to buy is here to help

Best used plug-in hybrid cars

If your budget doesn’t stretch to a brand-new car, then a used plug-in hybrid might be your best bet

Best plug-in hybrid SUVs

A good plug-in hybrid SUV will give you low running costs and lots of practicality; these are the best on sale right now

Best hybrid SUVs and hybrid 4x4s

SUVs have traditionally been associated with high fuel consumption, but thanks to hybrid technology, that's no longer the case. Here, we choose the best available...

Cheapest electric cars

Electric cars have a reputation for being pricey, but the cheapest ones can give you an affordable route into zero-emissions driving. Here’s our top 10

Best Motability hybrid cars

What are the best hybrid cars you can get on the Motability scheme? Here are our picks…

Best electric SUVs

Want the style and space of and SUV, but with zero-emissions electric power? Here's our pick of the best…

Best hybrid hatchbacks

A hybrid hatchback will give you all the practicality of a standard hatchback, but even lower running costs. These are the best on sale

Fastest hybrid cars

There was a time when hybrids were thought of as slow and dull. Not anymore: these are the fastest hybrid cars ever made

Best electric vans

Electric vans make perfect sense for business covering short distances on a regular basis. Here are the best

Best hybrid cars

If you don't have a regular access to a charging point, a non-plug-in hybrid car can still help reduce your motoring bills. These are our favourites…

Best hybrid company cars

Low BiK rates are one of many benefits offered by the best hybrid company cars. These are our top five

Best seven-seater electric and hybrid cars

Practicality is a must in a family car, and there are plenty of electric and hybrid models that fit the seven-seater bill

Best hybrid family cars

The best hybrid family cars on the market deliver low running costs and unbeatable practicality. Here’s our top five…

Best hybrid and electric sports cars

Hybrid and electric sports cars can be just as thrilling as petrol-powered supercars. These are the best on offer right now

Longest range electric cars

Want an electric car but worried you might suffer from range anxiety? These are the top 10 performers on a single charge