Best cars

Mercedes E 300 de
Best hybrid company cars

Business users and fleet customers could save thousands by picking one of our best hybrid company cars

Tesla Model X
Best seven-seater electric and hybrid cars

Family cars must be practical, and there are lots of seven-seat electric and hybrid models that offer exactly that

BMW i3
Best electric city cars

Small, nimble and built for urban environments, these are the best electric city cars around

Volvo XC90 T8 vs BMW X5 xDrive45e
BMW X5 xDrive45e vs Volvo XC90 T8: in numbers

We find out which of the BMW X5 xDrive45e and Volvo XC90 T8 plug-in hybrid SUVs wins the numbers game

Best plug-in hybrid SUVs

A good plug-in hybrid SUV should combine low running costs with excellent practicality. These are the best on sale right now

Best hybrid cars

The best hybrid cars will help reduce your fuel bills without needing to be plugged in. These are our favourites

Best plug-in hybrid cars

The best plug-in hybrid cars offer fantastic fuel efficiency and ultra-low running costs to those who charge them regularly

Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid
Best Motability hybrid cars

What are the best hybrid cars you can get on the Motability scheme? Here are our picks…

Best hybrid and electric sports cars

The best hybrid and electric sports cars can be just as thrilling as pure-petrol supercars. These are the most exciting

Renault ZOE
Best used electric cars

A second-hand electric car will help avoid new cars' big purchase costs. These are the best used electric cars on offer...

Best small electric cars

A compact electric vehicle makes a perfect urban runabout or small family car. These are the best small electric cars you can buy

Fastest electric cars in the world

The days of the trundling milk float are long gone, and electric cars are now some of the fastest vehicles in the world, full stop

Renault ZOE
Best electric cars 2020

What are the best electric cars of 2020? In no particular order, we run through our favourites...

Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid
Best used hybrid cars

Want to go hybrid, but prefer something secondhand to brand-new? Our list of the best used hybrid cars to buy is here to help

Cheapest electric cars

Electric vehicles have a reputation for being expensive, but the cheapest electric cars are more affordable than you might think

Best hybrid estate cars

Need a big, practical car that will make your money go further? The best hybrid estates

4WD electric cars
Best 4WD electric cars

The best four-wheel-drive electric cars offer great traction and acceleration. These are our favourites

Future electric cars

These are the best future electric cars from the world’s leading manufacturers

Best electric family cars

Our guide to the most practical electric family cars on sale right now

Cheap hybrid cars: the best used hybrid cars to buy on a budget

A guide to buying a cheap used hybrid car on a budget